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WELCOME to INEX 2021/2022

We are thrilled and excited to begin our 3rd dance season. Welcome back all returning INEX dancers, as well as all newcomers. We hope everyone had a great summer break and are ready to get back into the swing of things. Classes commence on Monday, August 23rd, 2021.

This letter is intended to inform parents and dancers of some of our studio policies. It also contains important dates of dress rehearsals and more. Please mark these dates on your calendar as attendance is important.

Class Placement: Students are placed in classes in accordance to several factors: ability, age and maturity level. We ask that all parents trust the teacher's judgment as qualified professionals. All students are constantly assessed and will be moved only if the teacher determines a move is necessary.

Class attendance: Weekly class attendance is mandatory. There will be no refund for missed classes. We DO allow make-up classes to be coordinated. If you know your child will be unable to attend class due to holidays or sickness please inform the teacher to find a make-up class.

A Waiver must be signed in order for your child to begin their first lesson, if you have not signed one yet please do so.

Important Announcements – we will share announcements this year and post them on our webpage at, Instagram/FB (inhouseexpressionslove). These announcements will keep dancers and parents informed on studio news. They will also be posted on a bulletin board, located at the entrance of the studio, along with other information.

Parents are responsible to keep themselves informed on studio news, performances, important dates, costumes etc. Please check your child’s dance bags for notes, stop into the studio to check the bulletin board, visit our website or ask the teachers if you are unsure about any information. If your child is missing from class due to some illness and miss any newsletters, please make sure you check the bulletin boards or website. We can also be reached by email at We try to do our best to keep parents and dancers informed so please do your part as well.

Dance Uniforms – Levels 1 through 3 will be having a required uniform this year. If you missed out on getting yours, we will have them available to purchase the first week back into classes. We also have tights, ballet slippers(for ages 3-5) and socks for purchase. Thank you for supporting and representing INEX!!

Class Attire Per Level:

Level 1: Hair in a nice bun, pink ballet slippers, white sock, and INEX leotard.

Level 2: Hair in a nice bun, pink ballet slippers, pink or flesh colored tights, INEX leotard, and optional INEX skirt.

Level 3: Hair in a nice bun, pink ballet slippers, pink or flesh colored tights, INEX leotard, and optional INEX skirt.

Level 4/Level 5/Homeschool Program: Hair in a nice bun, appropriate dance shoes, pink or flesh colored tights, any colored leotard. Thursday’s wear a BLACK colored leotard. NO baggy t-shirts or sweatshirts allowed in classes.

Costume Deposits for Performances: This year will be a flat rate fee: Levels 1-3: $80.00 (each performance) and Levels 4-5: $95.00 (each performance). There are TWO performances per season, one in December and one in May. Costumes are owned by studio, although if special requested there is an option to purchase (request via email). Costume fee is helping us purchase new costumes, alter them if needed, keep them clean and more!


Each season we will put together two performances in which each level will take part of. Performances are held in December and in May (dates/location posted in calendar below). Castings/Rehearsals will be announced mid September (for December show) and end of January (for May show). Please review entire rehearsal schedule in advanced to confirm your attendance. If some rehearsal dates do not correspond with your schedule please advise students teacher to coordinate properly.

Tickets are sold on our website ( under the events tab. Photos/Videos will be sold through private contractors that are hired by us.

Payment Policy:

We ask that this year if possible monthly payments are payed via check or cash. Please send in check/cash the 1st of every month. Invoices will be sent to your email (showing amount due) on the last day of each month as a reminder. Pay out the check to “INHouse Expressions”. In memo please write students name. Payment can be dropped of at front desk to Ms. Maria or Ms. Alli. If preferred to pay online there will be a 5% fee added to the total due. If payment is not received within the first week of the month, there will be a $15 late fee added to the invoice. Only the months of August, November, December, and March will be pro-rated for all families due to major holidays/long breaks.

Studio Rules

  • At the moment for ages 3 to 11 mask are required. For those 12+ mask must be worn by those who are not vaccinated. Mask are optional for those who are fully vaccinated. (May be changed at any time).

  • No Gum Chewing allowed in class.

  • Proper dance attire MUST be worn at all times. IF a child has forgotten, we will understand.

  • Hair MUST be tied back for classes.

  • Students problems or concerns will be addressed outside of class time, a phone call or meeting can take place outside of dance hours.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO BULLYING. We wish our students to encourage one another within our studio as well as outside of the studio. We are all here to do something we have grown to love so let’s all praise each other for their accomplishments, hard work and even small improvements throughout the year.

  • For safety NO Running, Yelling, or Play Fighting in the waiting areas.

  • ALL BAGS must be put inside class room. PLEASE NO bags left on the benches provided for the people to sit on.

Class withdrawals - We must be advised of withdrawals from dance or a dance class by email at or by calling the studio at 561-789-6609 and leaving a detailed message with your name, date of your message, phone number, name of dancer and class withdrawing from to ensure your next monthly payment is not processed. Please speak clearly as messages from cell phones are not always clear. You will be contacted back by telephone or by email address on file if further information is required. Fees paid in full will be refunded effective the date of withdrawal notification. Costume deposits paid will be refunded if class withdrawal is by October 31, 2021. Withdrawal after October 31, 2021 will result in being responsible for costume costs if they have been ordered.

Important Dates/Calendar:

August 23rd - First Day of Classes

September 6th - Labor Day (Closed)

October 25-29th - Halloween Spirit Week (Daily Themed costumes allowed in class)

October 30th - Studio Halloween Party (all levels welcome)

November 22-27th - Thanksgiving Break (Closed)

December 4th - IN-Studio Full Run through of show

December 11th - IN-Studio Dress Rehearsal of show

December 17th - Competition Showcase (Location TBD)

December 18th - Nutcracker Performance at Wellington Community High

December 20-23rd - Winter Intensive (all levels) Session A

December 24-25th - Holiday Break (Closed)

December 27-30th - Winter Intensive (all levels) Session B

December 31-1st - Holiday Break (Closed)

January 6-9th - YAGP Tampa (Competition)*

January 14-15th - STG West Palm (Competition)*

January 17th - MLK Day (Closed)

January 28-30th - NBC Delaware (Competition)*

February 4-6th - ADC/IBC Atlanta (Competition)*

February 12th - Valentine Day Party (all levels welcome)

February 17-20th YAGP North Carolina (Competition)*

February 25-27th - UBC Atlanta (Competition)*

March 14-18th - Spring Break (Closed)

March 26-31st - ADC/IBC Finals (Competition)*

April 8-10th - Leap Miramar (Competition)*

April 13-20th - YAGP Finals (Competition)*

May 14th - IN-Studio Full Run through of show

May 21st - IN-Studio Dress Rehearsal of show

May 27th - Last Day of Classes

May 28th - Spring Performance at Wellington Community High + End of the year after party

May 30-June 4th - Summer Break (Closed)

Summer Intensives TBA

*On Competition dates classes remain on regular schedule. Unless otherwise noticed.*

Please notify us of any changes to your address, phone number, email address or contact numbers by emailing us.

If at any time you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us. We wish all our parents and students to be properly informed on all of our information.

Please stay tuned for all important announcements throughout the year here on our website!!

Thank you for choosing INHouse Expressions. We are pleased that you have entrusted us with your child’s Dance Education. We consider it an honor and look forward to a fabulous and rewarding year of dance with our new and returning students!

With love,

Your INEX Family

& remember…

Dance your heart away… for the LOVE of Ballet!

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